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Centre Overview

Post-Doctoral Fellow

  • Ph.D candidates in Biomedical Sciences, Biological Sciences, or a related discipline, are invited to submit their application to start career development in the following aspects: stem cells, regenerative medicine, animal models, immunology, embryology, genomics, genome-editing or drug screening

Postgraduate Student

  • Bachelor’s or Master's degree graduates in Biomedical Sciences, Biological Sciences, or a related discipline who are interested in taking a MPhil or PhD study in one of the research areas including stem cells, regenerative medicine, cancaer, immunology, embryology or genomics medicine are welcome to approach us for more information

Research Assistant / Research Associate

  • Bachelor’s / Master's degree candidates in Biomedical Sciences, Biological Sciences, or a related discipline, who are interested in joining the multidisciplinary team with academic scientists and clinicians are welcome

Laboratory Manager

  • Applicants should have a Master’s degree or above in science or related disciplines, with at least 5 years’ research experience in laboratory, prefer at least 2 years of laboratory management
  • Excellent communication, organizational and laboratory skills and knowledge of laboratory safety procedures is highly preferred
  • Experience in the following areas would be an advantage, stem cell culture, iPSC, EPSC, transfection, crispr cloning, molecular biology, protein related experiment, histology, microscopy and next generation sequencing

Assistant IT Manager / IT Officer

  • Applicants should possess a bachelor's degree or above in computer science, information engineering, or related disciplines, with at least 3 years' of working experience in information technology
  • They should have substantial experience in full stack application development, Microsoft 365, server consolidation, virtualization, containerization, installation, troubleshooting and administration of network attached storage (NAS) High Availability Cluster
  • Experience in website/ intranet design and maintenance are preferred

Part-Time Executive Assistant

  • Applicants should have a diploma or above in accounting or related disciplines, with at least 1 year accounting/executive assistant/personal assistant or similar working experience
  • They should have substantial experience in full stack application development, Microsoft 365, server consolidation, virtualization, containerization, installation, troubleshooting and administration of network attached storage (NAS) High Availability Cluster
  • They should have a good command of written and spoke English (including Mandarin), excellent MS Office knowledge, outstanding organizational and time management skills, familiarity with office gadgets and applications (such as e-calendars, copy machines etc.), and have strict attitude towards discretion and confidentiality
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Centre for Translational Stem Cell Biology (CTSCB) aims to develop world-leading new technologies in Hong Kong and to apply them to regenerative medicine, autoimmunity and genomic medicine under the golden age of research. By bringing together world-leading scientists and clinicians from Hong Kong, UK and other international collaborators who are studying stem cells and genomics, CTSCB strives to translate their discoveries into both commercial successes and healthcare benefits.

All the CTSCB researches come from the state-of-the-art technology, the Expanded Potential stem Cells (EPSC), which is initially developed by Centre Director Professor Pengtao Liu’s laboratory at the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute in collaboration with the University of Cambridge, and more recently at The University of Hong Kong. Under the leadership by the group of elite scientists and clinicians, CTSCB is going to achieve two major objectives in clinical, translational and fundamental research during the three interconnected research programmes.

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